About dbTribe

This website has been built by indians from Tomahawk Collective, to make a difference in a cultural sector headind toward an artistic pitfall. This tool is developed and seeded by those who live for, by, or through music: artists, promoters & music lovers. It's funded by our hardwork, and to a great extent by the European fund INTERREG IV-A (Cross-channel project B.P.M. UK-France, co-funded by FEDER.), go Europe!
With the friendly support of artists and pals from collective Tomahawk & ACT. Big up to all those who work days & nights on this incredible machine!

Project manager
JC Klotz

Pierre Jarnet - Théobald Kauna - Adrien Topall - Romain Le Ho - Dawadam - Renard

Jeremy Moisset - Julien Leray

Editorial managers
Mily - Kam - Tonio - Maxou - Lolo - Vichenté - Valou - Fred - Luigi - Marie, AxL - Nanou - Julie - Dam' - Billee - Colin - Godo - Ronan - Mich' - Banban - Juju.

They bring their little stone to the building
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They believed in the project
Interreg IV-A
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Without their commitment to open source it would not have been possible
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